Before enlightenment chopping wood, carrying water. After enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water.

geschrieben von Peter Dilg (13. Juni 2013)

On the way to some level of enlightenment, we must develop mindfulness. With a disciplined practice, mindfulness leads to awareness. With some courage and strength, we turn awareness into a change of attitude, of culture, of focus. As chopping wood and carrying water bring us sore muscles, walking the path towards some level of wisdom […]


It needs a purpose, discipline and consequence to make the practice of mindfulness useful.

geschrieben von Peter Dilg (10. Juni 2013)

In both life leadership coachings and business leadership courses we point out how important it is to develop mindfulness and to create awareness. We also point out that both mindfulness and awareness are not a means in themselves. Mindful about what? Aware about what? It is a bit like with tools: if you have great […]


Mindfulness is a means – not the end

geschrieben von Peter Dilg (9. Juni 2013)

Mindfulness is a great way of becoming aware of the rat race our world is in – and our mind, too. That’s just what minds just seem to do: race. We live in vicious circles of impulse and reaction. Viktor Frankl referred to that initially, others such as Stephen Covey copied the thought: in business […]


Mindful Work – Mindfulness in the Workplace and Mindful Leadership

geschrieben von Peter Dilg (7. Mai 2013)

For those of you that have an account at LinkedIn: if you are interested in the topic of mindfulness and leadership, there is a LinkedIn group called Mindful Work. It’s community is pretty active and often provides great food for thought. Here the link to it, if you are interested:


Leadership, Feedback and the Art of Listening

geschrieben von Peter Dilg (19. September 2012)

How to listen and help your people to grow Why feedback makes sense Leaders are supposed to give feedback. That’s part of their obligation when it comes to people development. Feedback is one adjustment approach to help people to reach their highest potential and fulfillment. Reaching that, the business is very likely to profit, because […]