Stunning Leadership and Management Information Website

geschrieben von Peter Dilg (13. Oktober 2012)

For all of you looking for a great knowledge database and knowledge exchange website, this might be a great source for you: I am a registered member there.  If you are in a manager or leadership role, discover Summaries of management methods and models. Network and discuss with peers. Register a membership. It’s […]


The Challenges and Limits of Change Management

geschrieben von Peter Dilg (17. April 2012)

Most of the management and leadership textbooks create the impression that – if you just follow their prescriptions – you can make change happen. Well, sometimes that is true. It really depends on the complexity of the subject. It depends also on the person’s worldview. If that view is “My life sucks” (tribal stage 2) […]


SMARTER: the next generation of SMART objectives

geschrieben von Peter Dilg (6. April 2012)

The good, old SMART SMART is one possible approach to help setting clear objectives. It is often used at the beginning of the management cycle: Setting Objectives Planning Organizing Directing Controlling When we teach the basics of good management practice, we usually check if people know the SMART tool. Some do, some don’t. For those […]